From VR to IRL, innovative new dino tourism campaign launches

Grande Cache dinosaur tracks virtual reality cache in on dino tracks ZenSeekers Jeremy Derksen

July 2, for immediate release

ZenSeekers supports launch of new VR dino experience in Grande Cache 

Grande Cache, AB — It's never been easier to become an amateur paleontologist! On June 27, Grande Cache celebrated the grand opening of its new virtual reality dinosaur tracks exhibit, Cache in on Dino Discovery: VR Experience, with ZenSeekers as a key media partner in the launch. 

Grande Cache joins four other destination partners featured in ZenSeekers' #DinoTrail campaign, which connects tourism experiences across northern Alberta and northern BC (encompassing Wembley, AB, the Philip J. Currie Dinosaur Museum, Tumbler Ridge and Prince George). 

So why go dino hunting in Grande Cache? While humans have made their mark in Grande Cache, the region has remained largely untouched over the eons. The discovery of over 10,000 dinosaur tracks at the Smoky River Coal Mine site in 1969 reveals some of the legacy of deep time in this place, and remains one of the largest such discoveries anywhere in the world. 

Now, at the Grande Cache Tourism and Interpretive Centre, you can don a VR headset and experience what it's like to be part of a live dinosaur tracks dig site

Then, get out and explore a landscape filled with waterfalls, mountain peaks and natural wonders, with the possibility of dinosaurs always beneath your feet.

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