Turn seekers into finders with Seekers Media

Celebrating 15 years in 2024, Seekers Media turns seekers—of your experiences, destination or offerings—into finders. 

The team at Seekers Media produces nationally award-winning digital media campaigns. Based in western Canada we provide directed social media and online promotions driven by engaging content, marketed across a thriving network of themed communities.

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Meet our themed communities 

Through our signature digital media solutions, we put your directed content in front of our niche communities (ZenSeekers, SnowSeekers & FestivalSeekers) primed to consume and to convert on transformative, winter and event travel experiences and related opportunities.

Connect with us, or consult our media kit to learn how we will partner to bring quantifiable and qualified attention to help you convert on your marketing goals.

Welcome to our network; read on to find out how Seekers Media and our array of media brands—home to thriving traveler communities—supports the success of your tourism development strategies.