Seekers Media re-engineering engagement game to boost partner amplification

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September 22, 2023

 Western Canada – With recent changes to digital algorithms, marketers are being challenged once again to find new ways to break through the noise.

In response, Seekers Media is launching an innovative new project to increase potentials to amplify its advertisers’ messages and brands in a way that reaps more high quality leads.

“As publicly traded tech companies battle over how media is monetized, we see new ways to further support our partners’ business goals. We’re re-engineering how we deliver engagements for our partners, independent of some California-based company’s algorithms.” said Jim Barr, CEO & founder of the multi-national, award-winning digital network which publishes, and

The innovations rolling out of the Re-engineering Engagement Project (REEP) will offer an unprecedented opportunity for marketers to connect with customers through Seekers’ powerful, proprietary digital content strategy.

“Coming out of COVID our publications are experiencing an impressive surge in website traffic and social engagement, as audiences around the world seek more connection to community and the outdoors in Alberta and BC. REEP will not only help us harness this golden opportunity but also position us for a future independent of third parties.”

“This project is designed to capitalize on the immediate opportunity presented by the Online News Act (C-18) for lifestyle magazines. If traditional media continue to be banned from META feeds, lifestyle and tourism news will only be available from publications like ours.”

What does all this mean for our partners and potential advertisers?

Access to a bigger, trackable audience by growing our newsletter subscriber base will give Seekers the opportunity to leverage first-party data from engagements generating more qualified leads to our partners websites (first-party data will be like gold when Google shuts down third-party cookies in 2024).

A major increase in engagement for our partners' content across Seekers’ digital media network including its online magazines, e-newsletters and social media channels, with 300% growth in newsletter subscribers (to over 29,000), 50% returning audience, and a 30% increase in organic sessions due to SEO efforts to power future growth

Strengthening our partners' referrals, making them more valuable as the experience for customers is search-based, driven by their interests

Less reliance on social media algorithms with an increase of organic traffic thanks to a calendar of unique, relevant, intelligently “SEO’d” content

Access to an expanding digital media network that cuts through the noise, backed by authentic voices in your community

Currently, SnowSeekers, ZenSeekers and FestivalSeekers produces and publishes Alberta- and BC-focused multi-media content to a monthly community of more than 100,000 outdoor and community minded enthusiasts across its websites and social media channels.

“Our online communities are built on passion. With platform innovations and fresh content, we will continue to help advertisers meet our audience where they are,” said Jeremy Derksen, Seekers’ publisher. “Through REEP, we will galvanize a larger audience around marketable experiences that inspire more BC and Alberta travel.”

That includes curating a robust organic community presence, led by Seekers’ director of community, Stevie Gaultier: “Our three online magazines now generate over 2,600,000 social media engagements a year. This allows us to hone in on who our audience is and the kind of experiences they are seeking, and then connect them to those experiences through a consistent, trusted social presence.”

Who is that community?

Canadians 27-47 years old, passionate about travel, the outdoors and community, who are seeking inspiration on how to lead a more active, healthy and community connected lifestyle.

Since its founding in 2009 (fuelled by the 2010 Winter Olympics), Seekers Media has been reaching this audience for 15 years straight. This new project signals not so much a departure as a re-affirmation and renewal of the company’s mission for a new era.

“Now more than ever, it’s time for us to rise in supporting our partners goals in welcoming audiences to their life-changing experiences,” Barr concludes.

For more information, please contact:

Jim Barr
CEO & Founder; Seekers Media
780.983.9913  /  @email